Everyday life is predictable. Everyday seems just like the every other day. But your day Changes the moment you try to do something different. Like mountaineering, rock Climbing, trekking or river rafting. The majestic mountains of Himalayan offer a range of adventurous activities. Paraglide over the mountain tops like an eagle. Ski down a snow slope. Raft in the chilly glacier waters. There’s more! Windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and other activities tempt even the most gentle natured. Relax the pumping heart beats, allow the adrenaline rush to calm down in the holiday camps that connect you back to the gentle side of nature.

You will be guided in the surrounding hills of Kashmir & Ladakh. A natural rock formation make for good rock climbing walls. While in recent times the ideal location of Rishikesh has made it the ‘’Adventure sports capital of India’’. A range of adventure sports are possible in the area, starts from Rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, rock climbing & much more.

• Sonmarg (1night)
• Leh (2night)
• Lamayuru (1night)
• Wanla (1night)
• Mubekh (1night)
• Kargil (1night)
• Ningrila (1night)
• Juktak.