A Stimulating & ambitious introduction to the many lives of ‘’Dilli’’ re-lived in local style: through the many lanes of Delhi- The Nizamuddin tour leads you through a city of mystic, saints, poets, rebels, forgotten kings, English ladies, refugee colonies & nameless tombs-all buried in the giddying contrast offered by the upscale South Delhi neighborhood. Starting in the over 700 year old settlement of Nizamuddin this tour hacks its way through the 21st century concentrate jungle & flashy lights of South Delhi to show you a city alive in unimaginable fragments.

This tour will also take you to the famous dargah (shrine) of Sufi saint ‘’Khwaja Salim Chisti’ (R.A) at Ajmer to experience Indian mysticism & spirituality. A walk down to one of the lively streets of Ajmer where old-world horse drawn Tonga’s (which seat passengers) jostle for space with modern cars & experience in itself.

Sufism, cannot be learnt from books, it must be experienced & felt. This is why our expert guides would love to accompany you to the famous Dargah’s (shrines of sufi saints) as these are the places where the souls of Sufi saints are always present, being a direct channel to the God.