The ancient Indian arts of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation de-stress and detoxify the body of the evils of modern lifestyle. On our wellness tours, courses to tone the system and cure minor ailments are readily available. The focus is on hikes, walks, organic food, spirituality, meditation, yoga and natural therapy. Special rejuvenation programs at most places include body purification, slimming, and stress management. Beauty care programs such as special rejuvenation massages, fruit or herbal oil massages and medicated steam baths are also available. Pamper yourself and avail of this opportunity to get in touch with your purer and refreshed side.

A great way to relax from the daily workloads & a tiring long drive. This will start with a morning YOGA session with our experienced instructor who will give you a brief knowledge about how to relax your body & mind through various YOGA postures & breathing techniques.

An Ayurvedic massage & Shirodhara will be given after the YOGA session. Allow our expert masseurs to iron out the stress with a specialized Ayurvedic full body massage. A herbal powder scrub or udvarthana will help you to remove the dead skin cells over the body, that helps to exfoliate & allow to absorb fresh oxygen, thereby making it lively & healthy. A herbal shower will be followed to remove the oil from the skin. Then a refreshing Aroma bath will take you to the ultimate relaxation & make you float on your dreams.

• Udvarthana.
• Herbal shower.
• Sarvangabhyanga.
• Mukhalepam.
• Steam Bath.